Constitution of the Chess Dawgs


PREAMBLE: We, the Chess Dawgs, in order to provide a relaxed and convenient environment for students to engage in friendly and competitive chess play, do ordain and establish this constitution for the Chess Dawgs.




The name of this association shall be the Chess Dawgs.




The purpose of the Chess Dawgs shall be to provide a relaxed and convenient environment for students, faculty and staff of the University of Georgia who desire to engage in friendly and competitive chess play.


ARTICLE III: Membership


Section 1          General Membership

a.         members shall be limited to regularly enrolled University of Georgia students, faculty, and/or staff members.

b.         Membership shall not be denied to any person because of age, race, sex, religion, handicap, or national origin.

Section 2          Community Membership

a.                     In order to promote casual games of convenience and stronger ties within specific living communities, general membership can also include community membership.

   b.      Communities may be set up by a group of five or more general members. The members of the community are responsible for electing one of their members as a Rook to lead the community.

Section 3          Officer Members

a.   The elected leaders of communities shall attain the officer membership title of Rook.

b.   The Rooks and the President may select members to help them organize events and activities. Those appointed by Rooks and the President shall gain the title of Bishop.

c.   The President shall be in charge of setting up campus wide events, events for general members that are not part of a community, events for the dedicated, and meetings for officers.


ARTICLE IV: Dues and Payment


Those seeking general membership shall never be expected to pay dues.


ARTICLE V: Officers

a.                   The Offices shall be limited to Bishops, Rooks, and the President.

b.                  The Rooks are elected by community, and serve as leaders of communities. They are responsible for community events. Rooks also are responsible for attending officer meetings called for by the President. The term for the office of the Rook is one semester, unless re-elections are called for or necessary. The re-election process must be approved by the President in order to avoid frivolous popularity contests.

c.                   Bishops are officers appointed by Rooks or the President. The Bishops duties and powers are limited to those given to them when appointed. The term for a Bishop can be set at his appointment

d.                  The President is responsible for organizing events for all Chess Dawgs. These events include, but are not limited to, tournaments, officer meetings, and strategy sessions. The President is elected by the rooks. The term for the President is one year.


ARTICLE VI: Meetings


Meeting times and location for officer meetings will be decided upon by the President with input from the Rooks. Strategy session times will be decided by a majority vote from the Rooks at the beginning of each semester, and can be changed with a two-thirds majority vote during the semester. The location of strategy sessions will be decided by the President. Pick up game times and location for all general members will be decided by the President with input from the Rooks.




At least fifty percent of the officers must be present in order to transact business.


ARTICLE VIII: Amendments


Amendments to the constitution require fifty percent officer attendance. The majority vote wins if the amendment has the approval of the President. If the President does not approve then the amendment may pass with a two-thirds majority vote.


ARTICLE IX: Ratification


The Constitution may be ratified by a fifty percent vote.